Strategic Advisory
Business Assistance Firm, LLC

Your Personal Advisory BoardLong-Term Assistance that bridges the knowledge gaps for new entrepreneurs.

Recruiting the Business Assistance Firm, LLC as your Strategic Advisory Board will prove to be your smartest decision. Our practice is one that incorporates Critical Thinking, Innovation, Leadership, Empathy, Affinity and Adaptability.

This is a new age for business and without the proper approach and assistance, chances of success are minuscule.

With the Business Assistance Firm, LLC on your team, your company will not only survive the morrow, it will thrive beyond.

Advisory Reports

Advisory Reports

Our advisory reports are personalized research findings and recommendations, presented to you on a weekly basis or bi-weekly basis for easy consumption and implementation.



We can supply you with step-by-step instructions to guide your employees and virtual assistants on how to perform a technical, repetitive process within your organization. Our SOPs will save you an incredible amount of time and money.

Strategic Consultation

Strategic Consultation

Connect with a Business Consultant to address your company's end-to-end business needs. Our network of industry experts can assist you with management, marketing, operations, and culture.

Strategic Coaching Enrollmentdba Business Advisory Firmâ„¢

Our compensation is based on the value we create for your organization. Full Stop.
But what is the VALUE we create?

  • Future-Proofing

    Can your business thrive during another pandemic or recession? Can your business integrate with the Age of AI? This is what we mean by being "Future-Proof". Our firm can assist you with creating an impeccable strategy to ensure your business is ironclad against unforeseen critical disruptions.

  • Social Capital

    You have the idea or the product you want to sell. But your product is not your business. Your business is the solution. Our business is making sure your solutions reaches the people who needs them most. But what will convince them to choose you over your competition? You will have to establish yourself as an authority by building an audience around your brand and connecting with them by truly understanding their needs. We can show you how to leverage that to its full potential.











The V.A.L.U.E. We Create for Your Company is Designed for Greatness

Take A Look AtOur Subsidiaries

We depend on our subsidiaries to help assist our clients with business services that include: Competitive Analyses, Copywriting, Social Media Management, Branding Services and more.

VAC Promotions, LLC

eCom Business Services | Feedback/ Audience (Content Marketing, Crowdsourcing, and Community & Social Media Management.)

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BizWars Analytics, LLC

Competitive Market Research | Insight/Inspiration (Knowledge Management, Curation, Analysis & Research)

CopyWriters Firm

Expertly written copy for your business. | Execution/Creativity (Writing, Visualizing, Data Journalism, Optimisation.)

Company Enrichment Group

Brand Management Company (Brand Deliverables, Style Guides & Brand Books)

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